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What is a Set Screw?

 A set screw, also commonly called a grub screw, is a type of screw used to secure one object within or against another object.

An example of this is in securing a pulley to a shaft. In this scenario, the set screw fastens the pulley to the shaft by exerting pressure on the shaft via the point of the screw. The pressure exerted on the shaft keeps the pulley in place and allows the machine to function properly.

Because the point of the screw is what actually does the fastening, its design plays a crucial factor in whether or not the screw works as intended. Therefore, Grub Screws are available in several styles of points, each with a specific purpose.


Set Screws usually ship out by the next business day. (If you need them to ship sooner, call or send us an email and we will try to accommodate your requirements). Set screws will ship from our warehouse or distribution centers located throughout the country. 

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