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Commonly referred to as tek screws, a self-drilling screw is a type of self tapping screw that has a drill point, which allows the screw to drill through metal without having to pre-drill a pilot hole. U-Turn Fasteners supplies Self-Drilling Screws in a variety of different head styles and materials. See the lists below for reference on what we can supply off the shelf.  


Head Types:

82 Degree Flat Head  |  82 Degree Flat Head, Undercut  |  Bugle Head  |  Hex Flange Head  |  Hex Washer Head  |  Hex Washer Head, w/ Bonded Neo Washer  |  Hex Washer Head, Serrated  |  Oval Head  |  Oval Head, Undercut  |  Oval Head, Sems Washer  |  Pan Head  |  Pan Head (Framing Screw)  |  Pancake Head  |  Round Washer Head  |  Trim Head  |  Truss Head  |  Truss Head, Modified (K-Lath)  | Wafer Head 

Point Sizes: 

Tek 1 (Lap Stitch)  |  Tek 2 & 3 (Standard) Tek 4  |  Tek 5  |  Tek 2 & 3 with Wings  |  Tek 4 with Wings 

Thread Types: 

Standard Thread  |  UNC, “Coarse” Machine Screw Thread  |  UNF, “Fine” Machine Screw Thread 


Steel, Zinc Clear  |  Steel, Zinc Black  |  Steel, Black Oxide  |  Steel Zinc Yellow  |  Steel, Zinc Green  |  Steel, Ceramic Green  |  Steel, WAR Coated  |  Steel, Silver Ruspert (1000 Hour)  |  Steel, Strong-Shield (1000 Hour)  |  410 Stainless Steel  |  18-8 Stainless Steel  |  316 Stainless Steel 


On top of the screws listed above, we can source self drilling screws to meet your specific requirements such as brand, Country of origin, attached washers and if necessary, we can also have screws made to print as well. Feel Free to contact us for a quote by phone at (972) 314-1221 or by email HERE.