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See the list below for a general overview of the different screws we supply. Feel Free to contact us for a quote on any of your fastener requirements by phone at (972) 314-1221 or through email HERE.

Self-Tapping Screws

Self-Drilling Screws (Drill Tip)  |  Self-Tapping Screws (Types A, AB, B, and High-Low)  |  Self Piercing Screws  |  Thread Cutting Screws  |  Thread Rolling Screws  |  Drive Screws

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Machine Screws

Machine Screws (Standard)  |  SEMS Machine Screws

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Drywall Screws

Bugle Head (Drywall)  |  Modified Truss Head (K-Lath)  |  Wafer Head (Cement Board)  |  Trim Head (Trim)  |  Pan Head (Framing)

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Wood / Woodworking Screws

Deck Screws (Exterior Wood Screws)  |  Cabinet Screws  |  Pole Barn Screws (Metal to Wood)  |  Standard Wood Screws

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Hex Cap Screws

SAE J429  |  Din 931/933  |  Din 960/961  |  ISO 4014/4017  |  JIS B1180

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Flange Screws

Hex Washer Head, Serrated  |  Hex Washer Head, Lag Screw  |  Din 6921 Hex Washer Head, Serrated

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Socket Screws

Socket Head Cap Screws  |  Button Socket Cap Screws  |  Flat Socket Cap Screws  |  Shoulder Screws  |  Set Screws  |  Pipe Plugs  |  Hex Wrenches

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Square Head Set Screws

Cup Point  |  Half Dog Point  |  Full Dog Point  |  Cone Point  |  Oval Point  |  Flat Point

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Lag Screws

Hex Lag Screws  |  Hex Washer Head Lag Screws  |  Acoustical Eye Lag Screws

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Concrete Screws

Slotted Hex Washer Head  |  Flat Head Phillips

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Dowel Screws

Steel Zinc, Full Thread  |  Steel Zinc, Partial Thread

Hex Jack Screws

Steel, Zinc Clear  |  Steel, Zinc Yellow  |  303 Stainless Steel 

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Thumb & Wing Screws

Thumb Screws

Knurled, Plain, No Shoulder  |  Knurled, w/ Washer Face  |  No Shoulder, Type-B  |  With Shoulder, Type-A

Wing Screws

Cold-Forged, Type A  |  Stamped, Type D

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Weld Screws

Flat 90 Degree Spade, No Projections  |  Projections Top of Head  |  Projections Under Head