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Types of Drywall Screws

  • Bugle Head Screws - attach gypsum board to wood studs, light gauge steel, or thicker metal studs
  • Pan Head Framing Screws - attach gypsum board to 20 gauge metal track
  • Trim Head Screws - attach wood trim to drywall, light gauge steel, or metal studs
  • Pancake Head Screws - attach panel clips to wood or metal studs
  • Modified Truss Head Screws (K-Lath Screws) - Attach wire lath to wood, light gauge metal, or metal studs

Drywall Screws Coarse Thread vs Fine Thread

  • Coarse Thread Drywall Screws are used to attach gypsum board to wooden studs.
  • Fine Thread Drywall Screws are used to attach Gypsum board to light gauge metal.
  • Hi-Low Thread Drywall Screws can be used to attached gypsum board to either wood studs or light gauge metal. They also have the advantages of requiring less driving torque and being more resistant to vibration than coarse or fine thread drywall screws.
  • Self-Drilling Drywall Screws are used to attach gypsum board to thicker metal studs. 

Do Drywall Screws Rust?

Most Drywall Screws come standard with a black phosphate coating, which is designed to be used indoors for dry, non-corrosive applications, such as hanging drywall. When using screws in environments more corrosive than this, it is important to use a screw with a coating that will be able to withstand the environment the screw will be subjected to. 

We have a large selection of screws designed to be used outdoors in applications ranging from medium corrosive to highly corrosive such as for use in ACQ Lumber. Visit our "Exterior Wood Screw" page to find out more.

Drywall Screws Bulk

Do you use a large volume of drywall screws? U-Turn Fasteners specializes in supplying drywall screws to contractors. 

For a drywall screw estimate, contact us today. Email us HERE or call us at (972) 314-1221.