See the list below for a general overview of the different nutss we supply. Feel Free to contact us for a quote on any of your fastener requirements by phone at (972) 314-1221 or through email HERE.

Acorn Nuts (Cap Nuts)

Closed End | Open End | Washer-Based, Closed End | Washer-Based, Open End


Cage Nuts 

18-8 Stainless Steel | Steel, Zinc


Castle Nuts

Grade 5, Zinc | Steel, Zinc


Clinch Nuts

Stainless Steel | Steel, Zinc


Conduit Nuts

Zamac, Zinc Alloy


Coupling Nuts

Regular | With Sight Hole | Economy | Reducer


Flange Nuts

Hex Flange Nuts, Smooth Flange | Hex Flange Nuts, Serrated | Large Hex Flange Nuts, Serrated | Nylon Insert Flange Nuts | Center Lock Nuts | Top-Lock Nuts | Stover Equivalent Lock Nuts


Flex Lock Nuts

Heavy Hex, Full Height | Heavy Hex, Thin Height | Light Hex, Full Height | Light Hex, Thin Height


Hex Nuts

Finished Hex Nuts | Heavy Hex Nuts | High Hex Nuts | Hex Jam Nuts | Heavy Hex Jam Nuts | Finished Hex Nuts, Left Hand | Hex Jam Nuts, Left Hand


Machine Screw Nuts

Extra Small Pattern, Hex | Regular Pattern, Hex | Small Pattern, Hex | Square Machine Screw Nuts


K-Lock Nuts

Conical Washer, Regular Pattern | Conical Washer, Small Pattern


Metric – Nuts, Non-Locking

Cage Nuts | Hex Coupling Nut, Din 6334 | Round Coupling Nut, Type-9070 | Hex Jam Nuts Din 439B | Knurled Thumb Nuts, Din 466 | Square Nuts, Din 557 | Thin Square Nuts, Din 562 | Hex Cap Nuts, Low Type, Din 917 | Hex Nuts, Din 934 | Acorn Nut, Din 1587 | Self-Clinching Nuts | Weld Nuts | Wing Nuts


Metric – Lock Nuts

Hex Flange Nuts, Din 6923 | Hex Flange Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, Din 6926 | Top Lock Flange Nut, Din 6927 |   External Tooth K-Lock, Din 934K | Nylon Insert, Din 985 | Nylon Insert w/ Dome Cap, Din 986 | Prevailing Torque, Din 934 | Prevailing Torque, Din 980 | Self-Clinching Nuts


Nylon Insert Nuts

Flange Stop Nuts | (NE) Light Hex, Regular Height | (NTE) Light Hex, Thin Height | (NU) Heavy Hex, Regular Height | (NTU) Heavy Hex, Thin Height


Panel Nuts

Steel, Zinc


Reversible, 2-Way Nuts

Finished Hex | Flange, Grade F


Square Nuts

Machine Screw | Regular | Heavy


Wheel Nuts

Steel, Zinc


Rivet Nuts

Flat Head | Flat Head, Ribbed | Small Head | Small Head, Ribbed


Slotted Nuts

Finished Hex | Heavy Hex


Spring Nuts

Flat Type | Type “J” | Type “U”


Strut Nuts (Channel Nuts)

With Regular Spring | With Short Spring | With No Spring | With Cone | 1-5/8” Channel | 13/16” Channel


Tee Nuts

3-Prong | 4-Prong | 6-Prong


Top-Lock (Stover Equivalent)

Automation Style | Hex Collar Style | Flange Lock Style


Weld Nuts

Hex | Round Base | Spot | Square | Tab


Wing Nuts

Cold Forged | Stamped | Washer-Based

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