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See the list below for a general overview of the different bolts we supply:


Hex Bolts / Hex Cap Screws

Hex Cap Screw | Hex Machine Bolts | Heavy Hex Bolts | Hex Tap Bolts


Flange Bolts / Frame Bolts

Hex Flange Machine Bolts, Serrated | Hex Frame Bolts, No Serrations | 12 Point Flange Bolts


Structural Bolts

Tension Control Bolts | Heavy Hex Bolts


Square Head Bolts

Finished Square Head Bolts | Heavy Square Head Bolts


Anchor Bolts

L Anchor Bolts | J Anchor Bolts | Headed Anchor Bolts


Toggle Bolts

Combo Mushroom Head | Combo Round Head | Toggle Wings | Kaptoggle


Eye Bolts

Forged Eye Bolts | Forged Eye Bolts, with Shoulder | Machine Eye Bolts, with Shoulder | Turned Eye Bolts | Eye Nuts


Hanger Bolts

Full Thread | Plain Center | Hanger Bolt Drivers


Lag Bolts

Hex Lag Bolts | Hex Washer Head Lag Bolts | Acoustical Eye Lag Bolts


Carriage Bolts

Square Neck, Round Head (Standard) | Short Neck, Round Head | Square Neck, Flat Head | Ribbed Neck


Elevator Bolts

Large Round Flat Head, Square Neck (ASME B18.5)


Plow Bolts

Flat Head, Square Neck (ASME B18.9)


Step Bolts

Large Domed Head, Square Neck (ASME B18.5)


Timber Bolts

Round Head, Teeth in Neck


Track Bolts

Slotted Round Head, Ribbed Neck


On top of the products listed above, we can source all kinds of other bolts you may need. If necessary, we can also have products made to print as well in order to meet meet your design, material/plating requirements and with any locking features need such nylon patches or pellets. Feel Free to contact us for a quote by phone at (972) 314-1221 or by email HERE.